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Vinegar to clean mugs

The Ultimate Guide To Creative Shortcuts

A clean house is something we all aspire to, but few of us will break our back getting into every little nook and cranny. These cleaning hacks though, will make your life at home a whole lot easier. 1. Never wash another plate again, just eat more tortillas. img: Read More
Father's Day

Kids Share What 3 Things They Love Most About Their Dad

Growing up, my father had always been a prominent figure in my life. I looked up to him a great deal – saw him as my protector when I was afraid, as someone I could go to when I wanted a book read to me, as a friend I could... Read More
Qala Sunset

Soulful Sunsets: 8 Breathtaking Spots In Malta And Gozo

Mark it in your diaries! This Sunday 21st June celebrates the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. The sun is expected to set at 20:22 and these eight spots are just the places to head to, to get a fantastic glimpse of the setting sun! 1. Majjistral Park Img: Read More

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Baked Brie falafel

MNutrition’s Baked Brie Falafel

Word from MNutrition! I’ve tried many variations of falafel and I feel this recipe really hits the spot. It’s perfect for the summer months. Delicious, simple and low carb while still fulfilling that comfort food craving. Ingredients (Serves 4 to 6) 1 can chickpeas, drained 1 onion, diced Handful rocket leaves... Read More

Quick & Easy Mango Parfait

This protein & cream rich dessert is layered with delicious mangoes. It is absolutely delicious and is just the thing to prepare on a hot summer’s day. Ingredients 3 mangoes 1 cup fresh cream 1/4 cup nuts img: Method Peel two mangoes and slicing them into small cubes. Blend the third... Read More
Easy Sweet Potato Burgers

Easy Sweet Potato Burgers

Deliciously healthy and easy to make. This recipe makes six to eight patties and can be made ahead of time.

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Your body on love

This Is Your Body On Love

A racing heart, sweaty palms, shaky knees – falling in love tends to take a physical toll on our bodies in the most unexpected ways. But the feeling that love sparks in our bodies can induce a much larger change to our body’s chemistry. As these eight facts show, when... Read More
choc featured image

Brain Benefits Of Chocolate, 6 Reasons To Eat More

All chocolate lovers will tell you that there is nothing more comforting than biting into a bar of chocolate. But when chocolate has such a hold on the brain, what makes us crave it so badly? img: Your brain on chocolate One clear reason is that it tastes and smells... Read More
Psychology of music

Your Brain On Music

Music has a profound effect on us. It has the ability to move people of all cultures. It excels at bringing people together. It is capable of stirring up emotions in us, giving us goose bumps or chills. On a psychological level, music is one of life’s best medicines and... Read More


stress is killing you softly

The Stress Paradox: The Addiction That Is Killing You Slowly

Stress  Naturopath (Doctor of Natural Medicine) takes an in-depth look at the underlying causes of stress. We all live very fast-paced and hectic lives, and most people are worn down to some extent. This is unfortunately just part of modern life and is more often than not quite difficult to... Read More
Yoga & Pregnancy

6 Yoga Moves For A More Gentle And Enjoyable Pregnancy

Through becoming a mother herself, Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher at Freemyme, Sarah Lennon discovered how yoga, during pregnancy, enabled her to have an active, enjoyable pregnancy, a natural, gentle birth and quick post-partum recovery. Speaking from experience, she shares her top tips and yoga moves to make pregnancy all the more... Read More
junk food

What 5 Days Of Junk Food Could Do To Your Metabolism

‘Too much of anything is good for nothing!’ And this can rightly be applied to our eating habits. Needless to say, we all tend to have those lazy, fat days where chowing down on greasy foods and creamy desserts are all we’re really in the mood for. But, when we... Read More